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ADA FM Compliance ALS Kit 1 - Assistive Listening System by Williams Sound

ADA FM Compliance ALS Kit 1 - Assistive Listening System by Williams Sound

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An economical solution for satisfying the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements by using FM radio waves to deliver speech signals directly from the speaker's mouth to the listener's ears

Hearing aids are the best all-around solution for people with hearing loss. However; by offering this FM kit to be used during meetings or lectures, it makes it easier for people to hear what is being said.

A portable, all-in-one system that meets the requirement set by the Americans with Disabilities Act that public facilities must provide equal access to people with disabilities, including those who are hard of hearing. The kit includes everything you need to accommodate 2 individuals for hearing accessibility.

The ADA FM Compliance Kit 1 uses the same type of signal as FM radio, only it’s tuned to a frequency band designated for personal use. There are two basic components of a FM system: a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver may be integrated with a pair of hearing aids or a set of earphone/headphones.

The kit includes a PPA T27 transmitter, which can be placed virtually anywhere thanks to its compact design. Designed to broadcast a speaker’s voice, music or audio program wirelessly up to 1000 feet by using FM wireless technology to a listening guest(s).

The hotel maintenance staff simply connects a microphone with a 3.5mm plug (not included) into the unit to broadcast the speaker’s voice, or connect to a sound system through a line-level (RCA) jack to broadcast music or other audio service. The LED display shows the frequency, and a handy level adjustment control is located on the front panel for setting the audio level. Frequency selector buttons let your staff set the operating frequency at one of 17 steps between 72.1 and 75.9 MHz when multiple kits are used doing the same time in other rooms.

This kit includes two PPA R37 FM receivers operating on the 72-76 MHz frequency to pick up the broadcast. The PPA R37 belt-pack receivers are compact and ergonomic, and can be clipped to a belt or slipped into a pocket for convenient use. The receivers can be used with the included earphones, or with the induction Neckloops for users with T-switch hearing aids.  Four AA alkaline batteries are included for the receivers.  Additional receivers can be purchased separately to expand the system.

Application: Hotel conferences and small meeting rooms - reduce background noise, improve clarity and reduce listening fatigue for ALL your hard of hearing guests whether or not they wear hearing aids.

An ADA plaque is also included, which can be applied to a wall so that people can see that you have assistance available for the hard of hearing.

System Includes: (1) PPA T27 transmitter, (2) PPA R37 receivers, (2) AA 1.5 volt alkaline batteries, (2) EAR 013 single mini earbuds, (2) NKL 001 Neckloops, (1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque, (1) ANT 021 Antenna, (1) AC Power Supply

Please Note: ADA equipment is non-refundable.


  • Meets new 2010 ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Range of up to 1,000 feet
  • Operating Freq.: 1, 72.2, 72.3, 72.4, 72.5, 72.6, 72.7, 72.8, 72.9, 74.7, 75.3, 75.4, 75.5, 75.6, 75.7, 75.8, 75.9 MHz*
  • Color: Black
  • Transmitter U.S./Canada Power: 105-130 VAC, 50-60 Hz 3.2 W 120 VAC
  • Transmitter Size: W 4.1” x L 6.1” x H 1.3”
  • Transmitter Weight: 7.8 oz.
  • Receiver Size: W 4.1” X L 2.85” x H 1.38”
  • Receiver Weight: 4.6 oz. with batteries
  • Receiver Auto Shut-off: Enters sleep mode after approximately 6 minutes of no RF signal
  • Available earbud replacement pads - EAR015-100 (100-pack) sold separately
  • Available additional PPA R37 Receivers (sold separately)
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty (90 days on accessories)


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