Health & Self Improvement July 13, 2016

How Selena Gomez changed our lives

ClearSounds Quattro Helped My Daughter Hear Music

Music had always formed a soundtrack to every single memory in my life. I listened to Glenn Miller with my grandpa, “Rocked around the Clock” with my parents, went to Summerfest every single year to catch the Violent Femmes, and played bass in my own heavy metal band called Suffocate. I even remember the Whitney Houston song that was playing when I first danced with my wife.

Looking around, I see not much has changed for kids today. I see young children playing games and listening to music with their parents’ phones. I see tweens and teens walking around, earbuds in, listening to music. They are forming their own life soundtracks.  

Those children. Those tweens and teens. But not mine.

My beautiful 12-year-old daughter has hearing loss. She can play games on her smartphone, but she never could hear the sounds of victory when she wins. She couldn’t hear music. Classical music or the stuff kids listen to these days, it didn’t matter, she couldn’t hear it. She couldn’t participate in the same passion that I had growing up. And it broke my heart.

Obviously, I would do anything for my little girl. I wanted her to dance to music, bond with friends over the latest One Direction song. Instead, I saw her pretend to smile when her friends listened to music and danced around the room. I saw her retreat into her own world, a world of silence with a muted soundtrack.

We started with the traditional cochlear implants. They were helpful, but she still couldn’t hear the music clearly. And then a friend told me about ClearSounds and the fact that their products can actually enhance and amplify sound, even for people who already have hearing aids. I was desperate to try anything. We connected the Quattro 4.0 to her cell phone.

I will never forget her reaction when she screamed with excitement: “Oh my gosh, this is how Selena Gomez sounds?”

I sat in silence, too choked up to speak, really, and listened to her sing some words of a song. I listened to her laugh like I’d never heard her laugh before, and I watched as she got up and began to dance. And twirl. And then laugh some more.

Her outburst was an emotional moment for her, but for me, let’s just say that Selena Gomez has earned a special place in my heart. And that, I didn’t see coming.
Thank you, ClearSounds!

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