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ADA - Complete Central Alert Notification System

ADA - Complete Central Alert Notification System

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(Clock system with bed shaker with telephone, door knock and optional smoke detector alerts)

Enhance your guest experience.

The best alarm clock for the hard of hearing provides an alternative visual or vibrotactile alert, rather than only a generic audio alert signal such as a buzz, beep, or radio. The alert signal can be in the form of a vibration or light, and can also include an adjustable frequency tone or amplified signal if the user wishes.  There is NO installation needed for CA360H and all operations are wireless.

For hotels looking to provide a door knock and alarm clock alerting solution for hard of hearing guests, this CentralAlert CA-360H system includes the receiver with dual alarm clock and bed shaker included, plus the CA-DXH door knock signaler that hangs on the interior door knob.  This Door Knock Sensor is ideal for hotels rooms and is safe and secure – no over-the-door clip that’s visible from the hallway to notify your guest when someone is knocking on the door.

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  • An unlimited number of CentralAlert CA360H systems can be used in close proximity
  • Alerts to alarm clock, door knock and phone/fax. (Doorbell, Audio alarm, weather, motion and more are sold separately)
  • Alarm clock has adjustable brightness 1.25” display, dual alarm settings and dual bed shaker jacks (one bed shaker included)
  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • Up to 200 ft. operating range
  • Battery Backup 4 AA NiMH (batteries not included)
  • Dimensions: 6.5” x 4.5” x 2.25”

(Included in the HITEC ADA Compliant Guest Room Case Set3CL)

Optional accessory SN-CAAX Audio for use with your Hotel’s existing smoke detector (Included in the HITEC ADA Compliant Guest Room Case Set3CL)

Optional additional accessory SN-S/Shaker second shaker for 2nd guest

Optional accessory SN-CALX Lamp flasher connector for visual flasher

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