QLinkTV Bluetooth Stereo Audio Transmitter


The new QLinkTV Bluetooth Stereo Audio Transmitter delivers crystal-clear stereo sound with top-of-the-line features like automatic reconnection to the last device used, compatibility with other A2DP Bluetooth accessories, versatile micro USB charging functionality, long-lasting battery and more.

The QLinkTV replaces our original QLink.

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ClearSounds ClearTV Bluetooth Wireless TV Listening System

$149.95 $129.95

The ClearSounds ClearBlue Bluetooth TV / Audio Listening System provides the ultimate solution while offering high-fidelity sound that you not only heat but feel and experience.

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ClearSounds CSQT4KIT2 – Quattro 4.0 with Accessory Kit & QLinkTV Bundle


The remarkable Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System is the master key to hearing clearly in any environment.

Get portable sound with the QH2 Bluetooth Hub & Phone Amplifier. The hub acts as a portable amplifier, sending clear sound to your headset.

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ClearSounds CSIR2012 Wireless Audio Transmitter & DAC

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The CSIR2012 Transmitter is an Infrared Transmitter with built-in digital to analog converter.  This transmitter will send an IR signal to an Infrared Receiver (Headset). In addition, this device acts as a converter for use with our QLinkTV Bluetooth transmitter for TV’s with Optical jacks.  Simply plug the IR2012 Transmitter into the


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