QH2 ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub & Phone Amplifier


Get portable sound with the QH2 Bluetooth amplifier by ClearSounds. The hub acts as a portable amplifier, creating clear sound to your headset.

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Portable Phone Amplifier (White) WIL95


The WIL95 connects in seconds to any corded phone and turns it into something you can really listen to. Eliminates background noise as well. Take it anywhere, use it everywhere. Like a toothbrush.

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ClearSounds CSQT4KIT1 – Quattro 4.0 with Accessory Kit & QH2 Hub Bundle

QUATTRO 4.0 The Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System is perfect for both hearing aid users and those without hearing aids, as the amplifier and removable Bluetooth Mic offer maximum flexibility for hearing loss and difficult listening environments. The Quattro 4.0 has been elegantly designed by award-winning designer David Wiener, whose talents have been sought after by Ferrari, Porsche, … Continue reading ClearSounds CSQT4KIT1 – Quattro 4.0 with Accessory Kit & QH2 Hub Bundle

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ClearSounds M22 Professional Office Neckloop System


The ClearSounds Professional Office Neckloop System™ with M22 brings new levels of communications capabilities to the office for people with a hearing loss

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iConnect A1600BT Amplified Cordless Phone with Bluetooth


The new ClearSounds iConnect Amplified Cordless Phone with Bluetooth and built-in answering machine offers sound clarity, intuitive functionality & the freedom you demand in one very beautiful design.  Incorporated Bluetooth now allows all of us who depend on our cell phones as a basic communication device to benefit from the full range of amplification and frequency control for our cell phone calls.

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QConnect Bluetooth Audio Transceiver


The new QConnect makes any cordless or corded phone accessible, eliminating the need for an amplified telephone. Use it at work or in your home. It connects to any Bluetooth enabled streamer, neckloop or headset.

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ClearSounds CSQT4KIT3 – Quattro 4.0 with Accessory Kit, QH2 Hub, QLinkTV Bundle


The remarkable Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System is the master key to hearing clearly in any environment.

Enjoy full stereo sound when you connect the QLink Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter to your Quattro 4.0 Neckloop/Headset system.

Get portable sound with the QH2 Bluetooth Hub & Phone Amplifier. The hub acts as a portable amplifier, sending clear sound to your headset.

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