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Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System


The all new Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System is our latest brainstorm in our collection of unique & boutique innovations and sound enhancement devices,  keeping people connected. This remarkable Amplified Bluetooth streamer is magic for anyone who needs to hear better on their mobile phone or tablet.  For phones calls, music, TV,  and in meetings or social situation, the Quattro 4.0 is the master key to hearing clearly.

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ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Lite Bluetooth Listening System


Whether you’re experiencing hearing loss or simply want an incredible listening experience, the powerful yet stylish Quattro 4.0 LITE easily connects to your Bluetooth headset or hearing aid with t-coils, making it the ultimate tool for living life in stereo sound.

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ClearSounds CSQT4KIT1 – Quattro 4.0 with Accessory Kit & QH2 Hub Bundle

QUATTRO 4.0 The Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System is perfect for both hearing aid users and those without hearing aids, as the amplifier and removable Bluetooth Mic offer maximum flexibility for hearing loss and difficult listening environments. The Quattro 4.0 has been elegantly designed by award-winning designer David Wiener, whose talents have been sought after by Ferrari, Porsche, … Continue reading ClearSounds CSQT4KIT1 – Quattro 4.0 with Accessory Kit & QH2 Hub Bundle

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Quattro 4.0 Remote Bluetooth Microphone Kit


The QT4 Mic is a Remote Bluetooth Microphone that delivers crisp, clear sound from the voice of the person speaking directly to your ears, eliminating distracting background noise. The QT4 Mic  is held or worn by the person speaking or placed in the middle of a conference table. Roughly the size of a chocolate sandwich cookie, this discreet tool gives you the power to control your entire listening environment. The QT4 Bluetooth Mic comes packaged with the Quattro 4.0. If you are looking for an additional remote Bluetooth mic or you have our Quattro 4.0 LITE or another Bluetooth streamer, the QT4 Remote Bluetooth Mic Kit is the perfect accessory.

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ClearSounds CSQT4KIT3 – Quattro 4.0 with Accessory Kit, QH2 Hub, QLinkTV Bundle


The remarkable Quattro 4.0 Adaptive Bluetooth System is the master key to hearing clearly in any environment.

Enjoy full stereo sound when you connect the QLink Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter to your Quattro 4.0 Neckloop/Headset system.

Get portable sound with the QH2 Bluetooth Hub & Phone Amplifier. The hub acts as a portable amplifier, sending clear sound to your headset.

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