Customer Feedback May 3, 2017

Making A Difference One Customer At A Time

Thank you to ClearSounds for such a wonderful product!

When A Phone Has Massive Positive Impact

My mother has been using your CSC600ER Emergency Telephone for quite a few years and before that she enjoyed using a previous ClearSounds model. When we first installed the phone, it was more for peace of mind for family members as my mom was in her upper 80’s and was doing well living at home alone. Mom wanted to remain in her own home, so we decided the CSC600ER would be a great asset to her and to the family to give her freedom and security. I tested the wireless pendant to make sure Mom knew how far she could go outside in the yard with confidence that the SOS button could be pressed if needed. All 5 family members who were on the list were informed about how to respond if there was an emergency call they might receive.

Initially we had a few accidental pushes of the button – one time leaning against the sink while doing the dishes – one time her puppy walked on the button on her lap – – but we were glad to know that the system was working even if there was no actual emergency. Mom got used to pinning her pendant up on her shoulder so she did not accidentally press it anymore. We tested the system on a regular basis so that we always knew it was working properly even if there were no emergencies.

As the years has passed, my mom’s needs have increased and there have been a few actual calls for help using the CSC600ER to family members. One time she had fallen down and could not get herself back up, but was unhurt (luckily). The call to me allowed me to contact a family member who was close by and could go in and help her up and back to normal. I was able to talk to her over the speakerphone to keep her calm while a family member was on the way.

Another call came in the middle of the night when Mom rolled out of bed accidentally and could not get herself back up. I received that call and went over to pick her up to get her back into bed. Luckily, once again, there were no injuries.

After we had received a number of these calls for help, it was a sign to us that Mom was no longer able to be alone in her home. At age 96, for her own safety, at this point, we convinced Mom that she needed to be in a place where she would have someone with her around-the-clock in case she needed that type of help again.

Our family is grateful for the years we had the use of the CSC600ER in my Mom’s home because we knew we were doing “the right thing” for a beautiful lady who insisted she wanted to keep her freedom and continue to live in her home as long as possible. The CSC600ER allowed her this freedom, but allowed us to be there to help if she needed it. I want to be sure that ClearSounds knows what a wonderful product this is. I hope other folks with an elderly parent will realize how wonderful it is to have peace of mind while allowing their parent the freedom and dignity to stay in their own home as long as they are able to do so safely.

Thank you, ClearSounds!

– Audrey Metzger