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A little knowledge can improve your whole quality of life. Below you’ll find a lot of fascinating information about our remarkable communication products and how they work, about the latest sound technology, and about hearing loss and better sound in general. Go forth and learn.

Downloads: Whitepapers, Presentations & Research
Understanding Amplified Phones: More Than Just Making Speech Louder
Social Media Boot Camp Deck – March 2010
Social Media Glossary of Terms
Phone History- Changing Technology
Digital for Dummies
What is a Decibel?
Protecting yourself from microbes on your phone
Grow Patient Relationship/Improve Patient Care-A White Paper for Texas Hearing Care Professionals

Knowledge Center
Do I have hearing loss?
What are the different types of hearing loss?
How can I save my hearing?
What are some statistics about hearing loss today?
What is ADA compliance and what are the titles?
What is bluetooth technology?
Loudness Chart
Experience various “loudness” in this Interactive Sound Ruler
Top 3 Reasons to Address Your Hearing Loss
“Turn it to the left” Keeping the Sound Down Educational Campaign
Neckloop FAQ