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This year’s best Father’s Day gift? A Quattro 4.0

The Quattro 4.0 for Dad

Father’s Day

It’s a great time for spending time together, catching up with loved ones and sharing experiences together. And the Quattro can make it better.

Maybe your extended family celebrates with a large brunch or perhaps a pickup game of football in the backyard. Maybe you get tickets to a ball game or crack a fresh beverage and tune in from the large living room plasma TV? Maybe everyone joins in for some friendly poker. (Maybe, for once, your dad lets you win.) Or perhaps you’re too far away to physically get together, so you and the kids make the annual phone call to remind your dad he’s loved.

What do all of these things have in common?

They all have a soundtrack associated with them.

A large brunch is accompanied with extraneous background noise and several conversations at once. A ballgame on TV requires a healthy hearing level to be able to chat, while watching the game. The point is, the value of these activities is significantly increased with good communication and listening. So how do ensure your Father’s Day will be memorable and enjoyable?

What is the Quattro 4.0?

“Hearing loss does not just affect an individual, but also one’s family and friends.” – Michael A. Harvey, PhD, psychologist and author of Listen with the Heart: Relationships and Hearing Loss

This Father’s Day

Give the gift of clarity, connection, and communication. With or without hearing aids, the Quattro can help you hear better. A small, sleek neckloop device, the Quattro connects you to your cell phone, stereo, TV, or any Bluetooth device. It also connects with a detachable Bluetooth microphone that can be used to make conversations clear, even in the noisiest environments: in crowded restaurants, in your car, in a meeting, in a heated game of cards. The sound is transmitted to both ears using the high-quality SmartSound earbuds that
come with the Quattro. Or let the Quattro transmit clear sound directly to your t-coil hearing aids or cochlear implants.

“The need to belong to a social grouping is built into our genetic structure,” according to Sam Trychin, a psychologist with hearing loss. People with hearing loss may isolate themselves, on purpose, to hide the fact that they have a hearing loss. Or they may be cut off simply because they can’t hear the voices around them clearly, even if they don’t  yet realize they have a hearing loss. “People pay a heavy price for self-imposed isolation and so do their family members and friends who would otherwise enjoy their companionship.”

Give a gift that will give your dad his life back. The Quattro 4.0, from ClearSounds.

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With or without hearing aids. Life deserves to be heard.