They say the best things in life are free...

Whoever said the best things in life were free wasn’t kidding. Thanks to California’s Telephone Access Program or CTAP you could now be eligible to receive a Quattro 4LITE at no cost to you.

We will provide you with all of the resources you will need to use your new device. Just apply online!

What is the Quattro 4LITE?

The Quattro 4LITE is a neckloop and streamer that connects you wirelessly to your mobile phone or smartphone using Bluetooth technology. For individuals with hearing aids or cochlear implants equipped with T-Coils, the 8-strand neckloop delivers sound directly to your hearing devices.

Don’t have hearing aids or cochlear implants but still want to benefit from the Quattro 4LITE? The device also comes with our SmartSound Earbuds so you can enjoy clear phone conversations, music, or any audio from a bluetooth equipped device!

To learn more about the Quattro 4LITE CLICK HERE.


California Telephone Access Program (CTAP) offers specialized telephone equipment and network services at no cost to qualified California residents who have difficulty using a standard telephone. To be eligible, you must be certified as having a permanent or temporary disability and you also must:

    • • Live in California
    • • Have access to telephone service


Please note: You must have access to either cell phone or land line service to participate in the program.


Apply today by filling out one of the forms below

CTAP Application (English)  

CTAP Application (Spanish) 


To learn more about the CTAP program CLICK HERE