Company News June 22, 2016

ClearSounds Introduces Brand New QLinkConnect Product at HLAA in Washington, DC

ClearSounds is showcasing our newest product, the QLinkConnect, for the first time this week at the HLAA Convention. This exclusive sneak peak will be a look into the innovative QLinkConnect, which will be available commercially later this summer.

We will be showcasing a full suite of our ClearSounds product lines, including the QLinkConnect, Quattro 4.0 and the Quattro 4.0 LITE in booth 109/111 at HLAA, the annual meeting of the Hearing Loss Association of America. This year’s convention runs from June 23-26 in Washington, DC and will be held jointly with the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH) Congress at the Washington Hilton.

What is this new QLinkConnect?Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.20.44 AM

The new QLinkConnect works together with our Quattro 4.0 and Quattro 4.0 LITE to magically bluetooth-ize any phone, yes even your corded or cordless landline connection. We are bringing the future to your current situation and it’s simple to use. It may be small in size, but it’s the ultimate power house in portable Bluetooth connectivity. To turn your landline phone into a Bluetooth phone, simply plug the QLinkConnect into the headset jack of the phone and then pair it to our remarkable Quattro 4.0 or Quattro 4.0 LITE for a clear, amplified sound experience that’s second to none.

In addition to the new QLinkConnect, we’ll be there with the Quattro 4.0 Bluetooth Listening System, which delivers clear sound to both ears, directly to hearing aids, cochlear implants, or earbuds from any Bluetooth device, and bypasses background noise. The Quattro 4.0 LITE, a “lite” version of the Quattro. We’ll also be exhibiting the QH2 Hub and phone amplifier, which connects a Bluetooth headset, neckloop or streamer to your home or office phone for hands-free and cord-free conversation.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.20.40 AM
Exhibit Hall Hours:
Thursday, June 23rd, 12pm – 5pm
Friday, June 24th, 11am – 5pm
Saturday, June 25th, 9am – 3pm

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