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Health & Self Improvement July 13, 2016

How Selena Gomez changed our lives

ClearSounds Quattro Helped My Daughter Hear Music
Music had always formed a soundtrack to every single memory in my life. I listened to Glenn Miller with my grandpa, “Rocked around the Clock” with my parents, went to…
Health & Self Improvement June 29, 2016

How our son’s ADD turned out to be something totally different.

“What?” “Huh?”  If you have a teenage son, you hear these multiple times a day.  Earbuds and loud music are a sweet escape from parents and the outside world.  My…
Health & Self Improvement June 8, 2016

Never Too Old to Be Daddy’s Little Girl

Give the Quattro 4 for Father's Day
I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection. – Sigmund Freud Growing up, I was always Daddy’s little girl. And my…
Health & Self Improvement May 25, 2016

Turn It Down!! (Set Volume Limits and Save Your Child’s Hearing)

Volume control
Did you know that 15% of children between the ages of 6 and 19 have a measurable hearing loss in at least one ear. The biggest culprit? Loud sound filtering…
Health & Self Improvement May 11, 2016

Travel Tips: Traveling with Hearing Loss

Travel Tips for Traveling with Hearing Loss
Summer is around the corner, which means many of us will want to take advantage of the good weather by traveling. A little advance preparation can help the trip go…
Health & Self Improvement May 4, 2016

The Doctor Will “Hear” You Now

Emergency Rooms are stressful, fast-paced and often involve urgent situations in which immediate action is required.  Studies have shown that there is one factor that is also critical to the…
Health & Self Improvement April 27, 2016

Auditory Therapy is A Personal Brain Trainer for your Hearing

You hear with your ears. Everyone knows that. But you also hear with your brain. Have you ever been presented with a new popular song and from then on you…
Health & Self Improvement April 6, 2016

Is That Ringing in My Ears Normal?

Tinnitus, characterized by a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears, impacts over 20 million chronic sufferers per year.  The affliction can be both irritating and disruptive. Some of the…
Health & Self Improvement March 23, 2016

Real HEARoes

A Silent Battle: The Elephant in the Room As told by Michele Ahlman, President and CEO of ClearSounds This is a story about my father, the Executive Director of Americans…
Health & Self Improvement March 9, 2016

I Refuse to Hear You: 3 Reasons Why

First, she noticed that she couldn’t hear whistles and other high pitch sounds very well, but that’s normal, right? Then cell phone conversations became a source of tension with family…