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Company News June 22, 2016

ClearSounds Introduces Brand New QLinkConnect Product at HLAA in Washington, DC

ClearSounds is showcasing our newest product, the QLinkConnect, for the first time this week at the HLAA Convention. This exclusive sneak peak will be a look into the innovative QLinkConnect,…
Events July 6, 2015

ClearSounds Participates in 2015 Digital Health Summer Summit

NAPERVILLE, Ill.—ClearSounds Communications, the leading manufacturer of listening devices for people with hearing loss, was honored to participate in the Fourth Annual Digital Health Summer Summit last month in San…
Company News August 14, 2014

FTRI Offers FREE ClearSounds CSC500 to Florida Residents

Connecting to the ones we care about the most is critical as we grow older. Besides the obvious fact that we simply need close relationships in order to remain vibrant,…
Events July 25, 2014

Esther Kelly talks ClearSounds Products at the HLAA Convention in Austin, Texas

sther Kelly is a resource specialist at the Deaf Action Center in Dallas, Texas. Author and award winning speaker, Esther has developed and implemented numerous programs designed to meet the…
Events July 1, 2014

Photos from HLAA – Quattro Presentation

Events June 13, 2014

Coping with Hearing Loss and the Consequences of Ignoring It

New Technologically Advanced Products Fill in the Gaps When Hearing Aids are Not the Total Solution by Michele Ahlman According to the National Council on Aging, over 30 million people…
Events May 21, 2014

Michele Ahlman is Featured in Naperville’s Business Connection

The ClearSounds Business Connection interview for Naperville Television featuring CEO Michele Ahlman will be airing from May 21st—June 4th. It will debut today at 12:30pm on Channel 17. You can…
Events January 27, 2014

Photos from CES 2014

Events March 15, 2013

ClearSounds at CSUN 2014

Events February 6, 2012

Michele Ahlman Speaks at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show