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ClearTV Bluetooth TV Devices and Infrared TV Devices

Senior couple watching television at home
Senior couple watching television at home

If you’re turning up the sound on your television loud enough to disturb others, you’re not alone.

ClearSounds offers a variety of Bluetooth TV / Audio Listening System devices that provide the best television Bluetooth listening solutions while offering high-fidelity sound that you not only hear but feel and experience. Connect, communicate and enjoy your favorite television programs with the ClearSounds line of Bluetooth devices.


The ClearBlue Bluetooth Headset and Transmitter
The ClearBlue Bluetooth TV System focuses on acoustical integrity in a stylish and comfortable design. It allows hearing-impaired viewers or anyone in your home to hear television programs clearly and without distortion, while allowing you to keep your television’s volume at a reasonable level.

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Quattro Connect360 Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop System
The core of the television listening system is the Quattro 4.0 LITE Adaptive Bluetooth Neckloop with A2DP. The Bluetooth System accessories provide connectivity and usability options for nearly all communications needs while watching your favorite television shows. Adding an extensive range of adapters and accessories for use with the Quattro 4.0 LITE Neckloop amplifies the value of the core product and exponentially extends the usability and productivity of the ClearSounds line of products.

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