SHOPPING SMARTER – Why Buying Directly from the Manufacturer is a Good Idea

Why should one purchase directly from the manufacturer? It’s a good question. With all of the deals large e-shopping sites offer, one can argue that buying directly from the company is not as appealing as it once was, especially on the pocket book. But there a are a couple of advantages to purchasing directly from a company as opposed to a third party vendor.

An eBay purchase can be deceiving.
When shopping on eBay, you’re relatively certain to get a nice bargain, but as the old saying goes… let the buyer beware. Sometimes, the item on eBay is not exactly as how it’s presented. The sale item could be an older model, or not entirely as advertised. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the seller. With today’s quick turnarounds, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of every product variation. If the item is no longer in production, the warranty may be invalid.

Some items are perfect for purchase on eBay, like small end items, rare finds and other hidden treasures. And believe it or not, because automobiles have intricate tracking and validation systems, buying a car on eBay has become popular in recent years. Yet for mid-range technology, buying a smartphone or other technological gizmos can be problematic for all of the reasons mentioned above, especially if it’s a specialty item from a mid-range manufacturer. Unless the seller comes with a solid reputation with thousands of recommendations, be cautious.

Warranties more likely to be guaranteed. 
Although Amazon can be far more reliable that eBay, you might run into an issue with warranties. The fine line in any warranty could shorten the timeframe the warranty will remain valid. When shopping directly form a manufacturer, they’ll have a record of the purchase in their database. You know for certain the item will be covered. Still, if your purchase comes from a reseller and not directly from Amazon, make sure the seller comes has a solid reputation.

Companies come with a knowledge base.
With a direct record of the purchase in their database, the company will have the connections to all of the resources for troubleshooting any problems that you may encounter. Even if your product doesn’t malfunction, the help department might know a few tricks and trips to make the item more useful. And be sure to buy from companies that have a local help desk, as outsourced hotlines tend to be less effective in problem solving issues.

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