FTRI Offers FREE ClearSounds CSC500 to Florida Residents

Connecting to the ones we care about the most is critical as we grow older. Besides the obvious fact that we simply need close relationships in order to remain vibrant, active and healthy, studies show hearing loss can eventually lead to dementia and cognitive dysfunction in older adults. Those pleasant Sunday afternoon calls from your family not only keep you connected, they provide vital cognitive stimulation keeping our minds sharp & healthy, especially as we age. The award-winning ClearSounds CSC500 makes it easy to stay connected. With features such as easy to read buttons, eight memory speed dial buttons with placement for photos adds a personalized touch to speed dialing. The amplified speakerphone provides hands-free use for those long “catching-up” conversations without having to hold a phone to your ear for hours on end.

Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (also known as FTRI), the non-profit distributor of specialized telecommunications equipment for people with hearing loss and speech disabilities, currently offers the CSC500 by ClearSounds at no cost to Florida residents. The ClearSounds CSC500 is a remarkably simple and powerful phone that amplifies incoming sounds up to 40 decibels while making voices clear and easy to understand. In addition, the CSC500 does not require power, so it delivers complete functionality and amplification even during a power outage. You’ll never be disconnected from your friends and family.

“We are so proud to be a part of FTRI’s vital program for people with hearing loss.” says Michele Ahlman, President of ClearSounds. “I know first-hand; as the daughter of an Army officer who lost his hearing serving our country, the real impact hearing loss has on the individual as well as their families. I love being able to talk to my father on the phone, and I know he truly appreciates it as well. As not only the producer but an owner of the CSC500, we know it truly has positive impact. It’s been estimated just over 3 million Floridians are currently experiencing some degree of hearing loss. That’s why we are so pleased to be working with FTRI to bring this solution to Floridians, keeping them connected to their friends, families and loved ones.”

Permanent Florida residents who are certified as having a hearing loss can easily obtain the CSC500 by completing an application and visiting one of FTRI’s 24 conveniently located distribution centers throughout the state. For more information, call FTRI at 1-800-222-3448 or visit
For a list of approved certifiers, click here

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