Developing An Audio App Specifically For Those With Hearing Loss

The ClearSounds Audio Player (powered by Aphex), offers the detail, richness and the passion of the performance from your downloaded audio files in a way that no other technology or EQ can provide. To make this possible, we’ve chosen to partner with Aphex, incorporating their history and remarkable technology in our listening devices to bring our customers the most amazing and clear sound imaginable. We hope you will agree.

In detail, the ClearSounds / Aphex process uses a patented method of dynamically restoring and enhancing the harmonics and low frequencies present in audio that get mashed down by bit-reduced formats such as MP3 and “lossless.” Most equalizers statically alter the frequency response of audio, meaning that they do not react to the audio itself. The ClearSounds Audio App is a smart circuit that dynamically reacts and constantly adjusts, in real-time, based on the audio signal being played, all without latency.


You’ll notice we’ve developed pre-sets. The most important setting is AE TUNE, which adjusts the point in the frequency spectrum where the app’s treble enhancement occurs. The ClearSounds App allows the user to choose three different settings based on three frequency profiles designed specifically for high, mid & low frequency adjustments. Higher settings add “air” to the sound while lower settings bring up the midrange, like vocals and guitars. Setting this very high could become inaudible, depending on the capabilities of your speakers, ear buds or headphones. The lower settings enhance more of the lost frequencies for those with hearing loss.

In short, Audio Xciter® technology and ClearSounds SoundPrint customization dynamically replaces missing frequencies for clear, rich, full sound. Our app also protects and preserves hearing by reducing the impact of listening fatigue and unnecessary frequency gain. The ClearSounds app instantly reads all the music resident on your device and processes it in real-time. It doesn’t copy files so there’s no concern about using up disc space. The app currently runs $7.99 as of October 7th, 2013. PLEASE NOTE: This app does not work with web-streamed audio like Pandora, Spotify and YouTube, as well as the old DRM copy protected format in iTunes.


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