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Moving Beyond the Sound Barrier! 

One in five teenagers experiences at least slight hearing loss. These numbers are on the rise. Just a decade ago one in seven teenagers experienced at least slight hearing loss.

ClearSounds Inc. has over 30 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry, specializing in communications and sound products. They are leading an industry-wide change to design and develop barrier-free electronic products that enhance voice and music enjoyment for everyone. Since its inception, ClearSounds has been committed to preserving and protecting our hearing – particularly the hearing of tweens and teens. This is why they have created The ClearSounds Teen Hearing Challenge! Their sponsorship of this challenge highlights their belief that knowledge is power, and teens need to learn — first-hand — the long-term effects of hearing loss, and how to prevent it!

A study by House Research Institute studied the effects on teen hearing of loud music at a rock concert. 29 students participated. Three students chose to use some form of hearing protection, the rest declined. The sound levels were recorded and found to exceed OSHA’s guidelines in less than 30 minutes. Following the concert, over 50% of the teen participants said they did not think they were hearing as well as before the concert, while 25% reported ringing in their ears. Testing confirmed that the majority of the teen participants did, in fact, suffer some form of temporary hearing loss.

Teens need to understand that even one exposure to extremely loud music can have permanent consequences.

This is why we are asking high school students from across the country to take The ClearSounds Teen Hearing Challenge! In order to fully appreciate the long-term ramifications of overexposure to loud sounds and music, we are asking the teen participants to experience how hearing loss impacts their ability to communicate, participate, and socialize with their friends, family, and teachers.

For one full day, with parental permission, the teen participants will wear disposable foam earplugs that have a Noise Reduction Rating of 26-33. Each teen participant is given a credential to wear that says, “I’m participating in the ClearSounds Teen Hearing Challenge!” This alerts students, faculty, and family members that the student will not be hearing as he or she does normally for that day. Their challenge will begin when they wake-up in the morning, and last until they go sleep that night. Following the challenge, we are asking the teen participants to share their experiences with their friends, families, and classmates. Teens listen to teens, which is exactly why it is so important for the challengers to share their experiences with other teens.

Our hope is to take this program to schools throughout the country to increase awareness among teens how important it is to take care of their hearing now so they have healthy hearing for decades to come.

Any school in your area interested in participating, can contact us, and we will send, free of charge, information about the challenge and how to receive their free earplugs.

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