Products June 18, 2016

Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

Quattro 4 is the Best Father's Day Gift

The Problem

We all noticed it. Dad had always been the life of the party, but then things started to change. He didn’t participate in our conversations. He was irritable when we tried to include him. “Dad’s getting old,” we said to each other. None of us knew what the real problem was.

It was so simple once we found out. He just couldn’t hear us. It was increasingly frustrating for him, especially in noisy restaurants or at family get-togethers. As the competing sounds increased, he could no longer follow the conversation. No wonder he was moody. That gave us the idea for a great Father’s Day gift.

The Solution

Dad didn’t want hearing aids just yet, but the Quattro 4.0 is different. It comes with standard ear buds that anybody would wear, and can connect wirelessly to his smartphone and TV. It even has a detachable microphone that he can place on the table in a noisy restaurant. It picks up our conversation, reduces the background noise, and pipes it wirelessly into both ears.

Suddenly, Dad’s back. Telling stories to the young ones and laughing at their knock-knock jokes. We can even talk to him on the phone again. Who knew fixing the problem would be so easy? Thanks, ClearSounds, for bringing Dad back to us.

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