ClearSounds. I Hear. I Connect. I Belong.
With the vision, passion and commitment you would expect from a “serial” entrepreneurial family; this privately held, family run, certified women-owned company creatively, stylishly, and economically meets the needs of people with hearing loss and has been for over 30 years. Starting first in distribution, and then branching into manufacturing, ClearSounds is leading the way, designing, developing and manufacturing award-winning products that change people’s lives.
  • ClearSounds is more than just a company name. It is our mission; to deliver clear sounds to every person young, old or in-between. To move, inspire, connect and protect adults, teens & children through products & technology, that regardless of their ability to hear, delivers remarkable, clear and safe sounds - whether it be music or speech, live or recorded, ClearSounds products motivate people to move -- Moving Beyond the Sound Barrier™. It's our passion. It's our calling. It's what drives us to keep pushing the envelope, raising the bar and resisting even the slightest compromise when it comes to offering our customers a world free from communication barriers.
  • ClearSounds is dedicated to educating of our children & teens about noise exposure & hearing loss through educational programs. Our ClearSounds Teen Hearing Challenge is an educational program we are developing to integrate into the science curriculum at the high school level with an objective to inspire teens to take care of their hearing through experiential lessons.
  • Hearing loss is a ‘silent’ epidemic; it causes a cyclical problem --- the less that we hear, the more frustrating it gets to communicate; the less we communicate, the more we withdraw; the more we withdraw, the more frustrated and lonely we become -- a painful circle. Our goal is to give people a great listening experience, whether they’re at a meeting or the symphony. We believe that high-quality sound is an essential part of an enjoyable life, and we’re dedicated to delivering it to our customers in the most simple and ingenious ways.
  • Our greatest sense of pride and gratitude comes with the responses and comments we receive daily from customers. We know we are having positive impact when a customer calls in tears not out of frustration or anger but because they have not felt so supported or respected in a long time. We work with people who in many cases are disregarded, ignored and just treated poorly because they have difficulty hearing. We live by a set of principles that acknowledges people as unique gifts and treat each and every person with that level of care. We believe that impact pays forward and that is how you make lasting and positive impact.
Meet our team of passionately committed believers in all that is possible. We believe our work is a process not a project and we are grateful for each challenge as without these we would not have stumbled across our strengths. We choose to see our position in the market not as a competition with others but as a calling to have massive positive impact on our community, our customers and each other.
Michele Ahlman
CEO & Company Cheerleader
Michelle Maher
Director of Customer Relationships
Mary Williams
General Manager
  • The ClearSounds Stereo TV Bluetooth Transmitter performs very well for me. I am  very pleased with the purchase!!

    Client’s NameZoe I.

  • I purchased the ClearSounds Big Bluetooth Amplified Speakerphone for my 87 year old mom. She can now hear very well with this phone. It’s a pleasure talking with her now. I don’t have to repeat everything multiple times. Well worth the price!

    Client’s NameJohn

  • My 94 year old mom was delighted with her amplified Sprint phone! It works exactly as advertised. Hopefully, this phone will last longer than its other predecessor brands that I’ve tried.

    Client’s NameEmericFan

  • I’d been dreading a weekend-long staff meeting at our company’s headquarters because I knew there would be a lot of social situations. The first night, we were in a loud bar, a place that’s difficult for me to keep up with the conversation. So I took my QT4 Remote Mic, placed it in the center of the table, and was able to follow and participate in the conversations. Everyone commented on how well I did–and, being audiologists, they should know. All week I was able to hear, keep up with and participate in the listening situations that are typically a challenge for me. I had previously loved my Quattro for phone use, especially conference calls, and in the car, but now I use it in all situations. I can’t live or work without it.

    Client’s NameCharlie B.

  • I just ordered a Quattro 4.0 for my Mom and wanted to take the time say that Margo in your customer solutions department is excellent. I called at least 3 retailers to get info. Margo was a wealth of knowledge and a fantastic, encouraging spokesperson for your company. Her command of your product is above and beyond any expectation, so much so that I decided to order from ClearSounds even though the price quoted was higher than the other retailers I previously called. She was so impressive I thought for sure she was an owner. I run a company and would be pleased to have someone like Margo on staff. Good job.

    Client’s NameDave S.

  • I can’t tell you how important your product is to my ability to function in an extremely busy and loud emergency department. When I would call attendings at 0300 hours and they speak extremely softly so as not to wake their spouses, I strained to hear them. With all the noise in the department, it made it even more difficult to hear them clearly. This increased the chances of medication or treatment errors if I couldn’t understand them completely.

    With my QH2, none of these problems exist anymore. Further, I can even answer my desk phone from anywhere in the ER, which is uber-cool. No one has to hunt me down to come to the phone. Isn’t that awesome?

    Client’s NameRichard D.

  • For many YEARS we have been annoyed by features we couldn’t use on our A600. This morning Margo fixed them all! She did this with good humor and an excellent way of communicating. Not easy as I am in my 70s. And she didn’t end our visit until she was certain the new features worked!  It is real gift to be able to explain actions using only words, and Margo has this gift. Many thanks.

    Client’s NameMarie G.

  • Just a note about how happy I have been with your company over the years. Any time I have a problem, your Customer Service Team is able to fix it and they do not try and sell me something. Not only is the tech support staff American and knowledgeable, they are from Naperville where Midwestern values come through. Thank you!

    Client’s NameGreg S.

  • “My hearing aids were of very little value before I learned about your product.  As result of taking out my hearing aid, I would sometimes misplace it. When a friend showed me his ClearSounds unit I knew right away that I needed to have one because it would solve my telephone hearing problems for good. I once tried a similar unit that cost thousands of dollars. The very affordable Clear Sounds unit allows me to easily hear a telephone conversation in both ears and with plenty of volume. It’s very easy to use. Thank you, Clear Sounds!”

    Client’s NameWes P.

  • I want to thank you for your prompt and informative reply to my questions.  I purchased the ClearBlue Bluetooth TV/Audio system and received it yesterday.  What a great product!  I have not heard TV like this in a long time. I had tried a ConnectLine system made by Oticon hearing aids, the brand I wear.  It helped somewhat but not nearly enough to warrant the $500 price tag.  The ClearBlue system is much clearer and understandable than the ConnectLine and at a fraction of the cost.  I can understand 90% or more with the ClearBlue headphones.

    Client’s NameDick R.